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I am a pharmacist by profession and a triathlete by passion!

My achievements are: Triathlon South Africa Team representative to:

  • World Champs Olympic Distance 1995 Cancun Mexico
  • World Champs Ultra Distance 2002 Nice France
  • World Champs Olympic Distance 2004 Madeira (Portugal)

Qualified for (2005 and 2006) and raced (2005) :

  • World Champs Ironman Triathlon Hawaii (USA)

Over 500 swim, cycle, run, biathlon (long), duathlon and triathlon races completed including:

  • 10 Ultra triathlons up to Ironman distance
  • 1st place SA Triathlon Champs Age Group 2004
  • 3rd place Half Ironman South Africa Age Group 2004 (52nd overall and 21st South African finisher
  • 2nd place Ironman South Africa Age Group 2005 (40th overall and 16th South African finisher)
  • 1st place Ironman South Africa Age Group 2006 (30th overall and 9th South African finisher and 5th South African Age Grouper)

Over 8000 hours training (swim, cycle, mountain bike, run and weight training) completed and over 400 reference works/published articles on training and sports nutrition read in 20 years.

I would like to help you achieve your goals!!

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Coach: Evan Jones
B.Pharm (Rhodes 1983)


My philosophy in training is quite simple with very little frills.
There is no: “get fast,fast” scheme here with no “6 weeks to your best race ever” approach.
I believe in lots of solid training at the correct pace with a sprinkling of “speedwork”
I believe “more is more” but work within an athletes time constraints.
I believe utterly in “getting out of your own way!”
I believe in outcomes based training and in a science based approach but in no ways do these replace hard work. In fact for them to work it is necessary to work hard.
I believe in the absolute importance of rest and recovery within a program and the avoidance of downtime due to injury and fatigue.
I do not believe top of the range equipment is either necessary or desirable.
I do not believe in expensive supplements and do not sell or endorse any products as part of a training plan.
Although manufacturers may have their products advertised on my site it is no way a personal endorsement of any product.
See Technology


Training can be as simple as using a wristwatch or stopwatch to time sessions and following a simple printed training schedule.
Conversely training can be very technical and scientific using heart rate monitors, power measuring devices, mapping devices (GPS) and gas and blood testing for VO2max and Lactate Threshold etc.
For the serious athlete who wants to get the most out of his training and racing I recommend a minimum of Time, Heart Rate, Power and Distance monitoring i.e. you may need a combination of devices that measure all of these.
I recommend these devices before the need for race wheels, race helmets, 2nd bikes etc.
To interact fully with the coach you will also then need a Desktop/Laptop/Notebook computer and a high speed internet connection to download workout data as often as possible.
None of the above devices will make you a better athlete as it is the training that does that, however the use of the above may make you train more wisely and hence become a better athlete.